Easily add a calendar to your Squarespace website

UpTo’s website calendar creator makes it easy to implement a beautiful calendar on your Squarespace website. UpTo eliminates the most complicated steps of the process, helping you create and embed a calendar into your Squarespace website in just a few simple clicks. An engaging website calendar is now within reach, even for those with no web development or programming experience. Simply sign up for UpTo, create your calendar, add events, and UpTo will generate a snippet of Javascript code that can be copied and pasted into any page on your Squarespace site. Once your calendar is live you can easily manage events from your online account.

To add your calendar to your Squarespace website simply follow the steps below:

  • First, copy the calendar embed code provided by UpTo.
  • Once you have copied your code, navigate to the page(s) of your Squarespace website that you wish to include a calendar of upcoming events on.
  • Once you are on the desired page, click edit, and add a content block where you would like the calendar to appear on the page.
  • When prompted to select the type of content block, select “Code”.
  • Next, paste the UpTo code into the content block.
  • Click “Save”.

Your beautiful calendar will now appear on your Squarespace website.

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