Generate Embeddable Website Calendars

Website calendars have not evolved, until now. Our goal is to bring your calendar to life without making things complicated to implement. Our website calendar generator includes several different design styles and is customizable for seamless integration on your site. After you design your calendar and add upcoming events, we'll generate a snippet of JavaScript code you can embed with no programming experience.

Gone are the days of static website calendars that collect dust and can’t be updated. Once your UpTo calendar script has been generated, the addition of a beautiful website calendar is only a few clicks away. We want to turn your every day calendar into an easy-to-use, engaging experience for your users. Not only can people view your events online, but they can also share them with friends or save them to their personal calendar.

We know events change and it’s important to let everyone know. Once your UpTo code has been generated and your website calendar is up and running, everything will sync immediately so their is no confusion for you and your users. This means everyone is instantly informed about additions or changes to your schedule. No other platform gives you the ability to effortlessly bring your website calendar to life.

Our website calendar platform generates a snippet of code you can embed, which ultimately eliminates several complicated steps businesses and organizations typically face. Now you have the opportunity to keep your users informed without an IT department or programming professional. Whether you are sharing events, promotions, weekly specials, or limited time services, UpTo gives you maximum flexibility. We want to make things easy for you. And we want to make things easy for your users.

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UpTo Website Calendar

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