Welcome to the All New UpTo

Over the past several months we’ve been hard at work designing and developing an entirely new UpTo. Our goal has always been to give users a more complete view of what’s coming up that goes beyond just meetings and appointments. We challenged ourselves that UpTo must do everything your native calendar can do, and more, without making your calendar more overwhelming and more cluttered.

The solution we came up with is the foundation for the new UpTo. It came from challenging the decades-old assumption that calendars have to be a flat list of events. The new UpTo is the first calendar with multiple layers. The front layer is your existing calendar. On the surface you have a fast and intentionally familiar view of your meetings and appointments but you can expand your calendar to reveal another layer with a simple pinch or tap. It’s this “back layer” that has other events from calendars or people you follow based on your likes and interests. As you scroll through your calendar, subtle cracks between event feed items indicate that there is something to check out in the back layer of your calendar.

We’ve also been growing our content network of public calendars, including the addition of TV show schedules, local concerts powered by StubHub, and curated calendars covering the most important events coming up ‘This Week’ across the country in sports, TV and entertainment. All of which can be added to your back and front calendar with ease.

Finally, we’ve revamped our calendar publishing platform. Any group or organization can publish a calendar on UpTo in minutes and also embed a beautiful version of the calendar on their website.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. And like always, if there’s something you are not seeing (or have an idea for something you want added), please send us a note. Your feedback is invaluable.

And don’t worry Android users. We’re hard at work creating the new UpTo for you as well. The wait won’t be long.

So download the new UpTo for iPhone and expand your calendar.


Greg Schwartz

Co-Founder, UpTo

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