What's worse: A booked schedule or missing an appointment?

To be honest, they both are. Waking up and seeing that your calendar is booked (or double booked) today or for the week feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders. We’ve always hated the feeling of looking over our schedules before heading to the office and having to wonder if lunch is an option today or when we’ll have time to call our significant others, kids, parents, etc. This is a part of today’s “always on” culture that we’ll never get behind. Sometimes it just feels like people throw meetings at you without any rhyme or reason..its just to fill time.

But to be honest, we loathe missing an appointment. And what really grinds our gears is missing something that wasn’t actually scheduled in our calendars. Those “events” that were shared via text, email, Facebook, etc. And its typically the best kinds of appointments: lunch w/an old colleague, sending someone birthday wishes, even catching a Michigan basketball game on TV. These are the events we care about and should be looking forward to.

Our calendars are very important to us these days. And now that they are basically imbedded into our smart phones (which are imbedded into our hands), the calendar has become one of the top tools that we are always looking at, monitoring, working against and complaining about. That doesn’t mean we can’t change things (either the way we schedule appointments or the calendar app itself). We just need to recognize that we (and our calendars) can work harder and then make the change.

And that’s why we’re in this business. Hopefully we won’t miss the next game.

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