So You Want to Know When?

We get it. You want to know when the new UpTo will be available. We're happy to announce that you'll be able to get it this month.

And if layers and thousands of public calendars aren't enough to sway you, there's even more. We've worked really hard to make the new UpTo more than your everyday calendar.

Easily send email replies to meeting invitations without leaving your calendar.

Enter a location and UpTo will automatically look-up the address for you (guys, it’s ok to ask for directions).

Facebook events appear on the back layer of your UpTo calendar, because the girl who sat next to you in 10th grade English’s birthday isn't as important as your Mom's. But if it is, then you can move it.

And it’s still easier than ever to share events with the most important people in your life (but don’t go sharing with just anyone).

Keep your eyes peeled for the availability announcement. It will be here before you know it!

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