Guest Post - Goodbye to Organizational Chaos

UpTo is home to so many awesome users. One rockstar, Jess Tiede, highlighted her personal UpTo experience with her husband on her blog. We're lucky that Jess has allowed us to repost it right here for you!

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Thanks, Jess!


Goodbye to organizational chaos.

Last week my mom got a call from old friend who was waiting for her at a restaurant about an hour away. “Are you on your way?” the woman asked. My mom replied, “On my way where?” And then came the overwhelming feeling of dread and embarrassment when my mom realized that she had missed a lunch date. She could have sworn that lunch was scheduled for the following week.

While I would never miss a lunch date with one of my besties, I have been known to miss a few dental exams, yoga classes, and gynecology appointments. Or wait, maybe I just deleted those from my calendar...I’ll never tell.

But just recently, one of a million Facebook ads caught my eye and I thought this could be the answer to my organizational chaos — a mobile calendaring app that syncs with calendars of your family and friends. I was skeptical at first, but what’s to lose with a free app, right?

Search > UpTo – Modern Calendar > Install > Apple ID > Wait for the Magic!

It didn’t take long and I was customizing my profile picture and my cover photo within the app. I mean really, there are certain social priorities when joining a new community and it all starts with the profile picture. Next, I started entering a few fun events into the calendar...Rhythm on the River, Castle Rock Year-End Party, and a Labor Day cookout with friends.

Then I got down to some serious business...4K Registration, 2nd Grade Registration, School Open Houses, first day of classes, parent/teacher conferences, soccer practices, soccer games. It’s mid-August and we all know that things are about to get CRAZY — the timing for this miracle find could not be better!

The next step in this journey toward freedom from paper calendars was to get my husband on board, so we could sync our calendars. While he was more excited about adding the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers and UFC schedules into his personal version of the calendar, he did finally accept my friend request so we could share mutual appointments.

Goodbye miscommunication! Adios post-it notes on the fridge! Au Revoir too-late text messages! Arrivederci Ginkgo Biloba!

I have arrived...and this time, I won’t be late!

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