The Best Thing I Ever Created

by Chris Kaufman. UpTo Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

When my partners and I decided to build a better calendar two years ago by founding UpTo, we thought reinventing something that was relatively unchanged for 500 years was going to be the hard part. The idea is half the battle, right? I don’t know who said that, but I do know they were wrong. When we went through a nearly six-month-long process raising our seed round of venture capital, we thought that was the hard part. Wrong again.

The hardest part has been creating and growing a team to help us make our vision come to life. Finding talented, creative, and hard-working individuals willing to put in long hours (the greatest gift you can give is your time), work nights and weekends, and get in productive disagreements with has been the most difficult task of all. But also, the most rewarding (a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor)...

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