Calling All Businesses or Organizations: Publish Your Calendar As a Stream on UpTo

Here at UpTo HQ, we are very good listeners. You told us what you wanted, and we heard you loud and clear. Today we are proud to announce that any business or organization in the world can now publish their calendar as a public stream on UpTo, for free!

A big part of the UpTo experience is the thousands of public event streams we have created with you in mind. Every team you’re a fan of, every yoga class you attend, every school and organization you’re a part of. They all deserve a spot in one unified calendar.

We’ve got the big guys covered (sports, TV, music, movies, concert venues, etc.), but it’s the local shops with unique schedules that are the most important, and that’s where our new stream portal (aka the "Stream Engine") comes into play.

For the first time, we’re giving our users the power to create public event streams. From local fitness studios, dive bars, and pre-schools, to niche interests like comics, Lady Gaga, and tattoo expos it’s yours for the making!

How to Create a Stream:

Creating a stream in UpTo is very easy. First go to and log in to the stream portal tool. From there, you can add new streams. Once you create a stream, it automatically becomes searchable in the UpTo mobile app. You can also share your stream via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

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