Discover our Event Streams

At UpTo, it’s our goal to make sure you know about the most important things that are coming up, from Grandma’s 90th Birthday Party to your wedding anniversary (forgetting either of those is a really horrible idea -- we promise). But, not all events are personal things found on a calendar -- and that’s where our discover screen comes in!

We have hand created over 600 event streams with you in mind. From college and professional sports, movie and TV premieres, to national holidays, and local concerts we have covered a lot of bases.

Follow the streams that are most important to you and add events directly to your calendar for your friends to see.

Currently, the power of streams is in our hands, but soon the power will be yours too! Here at UpTo HQ, we are hard at work building an online platform just for you. You’ll have the ability to add event streams of your very own.

In the meantime, It’s important to us that we include everything that matters to you. Simply send an email to and suggest a stream! We will do our best to get your dream stream made just for you!

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