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Thursday, July 15, 2021

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It’s very important for a business where inventory meets the anticipated demand. Our organizations are still using the manual inputs from sales team and considering the history of previous year sales for the production. Sometime production is much more then demand or vice versa. This problem directly hurting the organization. It’s very unfortunate for the organization if they have carried extra inventories with them, and if an organization does not full fill the demand that’s also is the loss of the company. More information on our website https://jatapp.com/. To be successful in the business to match the demand. To stop this type of consequences companies keep on trying to improve their inventory management but it’s not easy to anticipate accurate demand manually that may cost you more money and resource still that will not guarantee to give accurate result.

To resolve this problem NetSuite come up with Demand planning module this is giving great relief to the companies in anticipating accurate demand. Demand planning module of NetSuite helps the organization in determining the demand projection based on performance of last few months, the latest trend which is prevailing in the market and all the data of history of demand in recent time to get sales forecast for specific time period and for specific location. After getting the anticipated demand from the market the inventory manager can take decision to produce inventories to meet the demand efficiently.