Academy of Creative Coaching - PCC Level Coach Certification Weekend Intensive - Denver, CO

PCC Level Coach Certification Weekend Intensive - Denver, CO

Thursday, June 25, 2020

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EDT

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The Weekend Intensive is the Academy of Creative Coaching’s accelerated program for practicing and aspiring coaches seeking certification and International Coach Federation (ICF) approved credentialing. This design enables trainees to attend classes live and in person for four days, with fieldwork and mentor coaching following course completion for those seeking ICF credentialing.

The PCC Level Intensive offers the following courses:

Coaching Techniques I
This course focuses heavily on positive psychology concepts and presents strategic coaching techniques such as motivational interviewing, mindfulness training, and action plan development. Techniques are grounded in positive psychology research such as the coaching with compassion model, post-traumatic growth, self-determination theory, and the trans-theoretical model of change.

Coaching Techniques II
Using our Creative Approach™ to coaching as backdrops to this course, trainees are challenged to delve more deeply into coaching strategies by exploring human development from the lens of difference. Topics include the intersection of identity, cross-cultural coaching, working with (dis)abilities, and understanding the unique experiences of marginalized communities. The experience concludes with the transformative power of public speaking for change with each trainee preparing and delivering their own talk as it relates to their coaching specializations.

Business Development I
This course offers key skills to begin building a thriving coaching business with an emphasis on exploring money mindsets and the multifaceted elements of entrepreneurship.

Business Development II
By the end of the course, trainees come away with a new or refined business plan that details a target market, how to differentiate their business from others, and a plan for generating revenue.


•The Academy of Creative Coaching is a fully accredited member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

•Credentialing track graduates of the PCC-Level Weekend Intensive program meet the training hours required to earn an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level credential from the International Coach Federation.

• Certification only track includes 7 hours of group mentor coaching. Credentialing track includes an additional 3 hours of one-on-one mentor coaching, 12 hours of independent study, and 5 hours of group masterminding.