Paralegal School - Job Outlook and Wage Expectations After Online Paralegal School

Job Outlook and Wage Expectations After Online Paralegal School

Sunday, November 7, 2021

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Job Outlook and Wage Expectations After Online Paralegal School

Upon completing legal assistant education requirements, paralegals in the US can enjoy good employment opportunities as well as higher-than-average wages.

To become a legal assistant, one is not necessarily required to have formal education or experience in the field of law as some employers are willing to train individuals on the job. However, individuals who hold such credentials are preferred by most employers. For that reason and the fact that the number of jobs within the field has been rapidly growing, programs offered by any online paralegal have become more and more popular.

Employment Opportunities Upon Graduating from Online Paralegal School
In the United States, those who have completed legal assistant education held approximately 263,800 jobs in 2008. About 187,298 or 71% were employed by private law firms, 65,742 or 25% held jobs in corporate legal departments and the government, and another 10,760 or 4% were freelancers who offered their services independently. The total number of jobs in this field is expected to grow continuously and reach almost 338,000 by 2018.

After getting appropriate education through offline or online paralegal school courses, individuals can opt to get certification to increase their chances for gainful employment. Generally, those who have completed the requirements of legal assistant education can enjoy hourly and annual wages that are higher than the overall national average and definitely higher than the minimum in any state.

Wage Expectations After Completing Legal Assistant Education
The average annual wage of educated and trained paralegals is US$48,790, a figure much higher than that of law clerks, title examiners, abstractors, and searchers. Hourly wages are also higher for those who have attended on-site or online paralegal school, typically earning US$23.46 while other support professions among legal occupations earn US$19.01 to US$19.12 on the average.

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After completing legal assistant education, individuals can expect to receive wages much higher than any state minimum. About 50% of all employed on-site and online paralegal school graduates earn above US$22.18 per hour. Only about 10% of all employed in the field earn less than $14.07. Those that have optimal experience, skills, and qualifications earn more than US$35.31 per hour.

Even right after attending online paralegal school, individuals in this field can enjoy relatively high wages. Upon completing their legal assistant education, they can start with positions within the lower 10% bracket at less than US$29,260 per year and then work their way up to positions within the upper 50% earning anywhere between US$36,080 and US$59,310 per year. Over time, they may even be qualified for wages at the upper 10% bracket which earns over $73,450 per year.