Cooking Recipes - Spinach Pancakes, Sweet or Savory

Spinach Pancakes, Sweet or Savory

Sunday, March 22, 2020

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Sweet or Savory Spinach Pancakes

3-4 cups spinach
2/3 can of coconut milk
Blend until smooth

Add to the blender:
4 eggs
2 T flax seed (this helps to thicken the batter as well, especially the longer you let it sit.)
Blend again briefly

Add to the blender:
1/2 C hazelnut flour
1/3 C shredded coconut, unsweetened
1/4 C coconut flour
2 scoops whey protein, unflavored/unsweetened (optional, but add a bit more flour and coconut if you leave it out)
1tsp baking powder
Couple dashes of salt

Pour straight from the blender onto a low-medium heat griddle with a decent amount of coconut oil. Add more coconut oil when the griddle looks dry. Cook for about 4-6mins on the first side, careful when you flip! And then 3-5mins on the second side.

This is the base batter. You can keep it simple, like this, so you can have your toppings be sweet and/or savory. (My husband and I like different toppings ;) Or you can add flavor to the batter or individually to each pancake on the grill. Here are two ideas:

1) Berries, cocoa nibs, and topped with yogurt mixed with cinnamon and stevia and toasted coconut.
2) Cheddar or feta cheese, olives, and topped with yogurt mixed with garlic pepper and dill.

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