Cooking Recipes - Russian Dishes to Try

Russian Dishes to Try

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

All Day

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Compliments of Kaley...

- Salat Olivier (like a potato salad with lighter mayo, but occasionally with meat and always with peas and dill)
- Kasha/Buckwheat (called Grechka in Russia, you can eat it plain orwith mushrooms and onions or veggies or gravy)
- Potato pancakes (called daruni in Ukrainian, and I'm not sure of the Russian name, but it's common in Slavic culture)
- Pelmeni/varenyky/peirogis (they are of the same food family and can be summarized as dumplings with filling, but each varies enough to make them distinct)
- Chicken Kyiv (kotleti po-Kyivskyii in Anglicized Ukrainian - this is a breaded chicken cutlet with butter in the middle and is one of the few things I miss as a vegetarian)
- Vinegarette (I'munsure of the spelling and it's just said like vinaigrette with a Russian accent, but it's a beet salad that has vinegar and some other stuff...I'lltry to find a recipe when I get home!)
- Pickled vegetables (mushrooms and tomatoes), black bread, raw green onion, dried fruit (specifically dried apricot and raisins), parsley, and dill are all used as chasers with vodka.