Cooking Recipes - Pre and Post-Workout Food

Pre and Post-Workout Food

Monday, March 24, 2025

All Day

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Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition

Pre-Workout, Small Snack (30min-2 hours before)
Protein and a little fat (and veggies of course)

Almonds, nut butter, crudites, deli meat, avocado, salsa
Wholegrains for endurance (1-2 hrs before)
Almond butter and celery sticks or crudites
Trail mix of nuts, add fruit for endurance (1-2hrs before)
Oatsand protein powder (1-2hrs before)
Omelete and Veggies (1-2 hours before)
Turkey Collard Wrap with veggies and mustard (mins before. or whole grainan hour before)
Chicken, Sweet Potato, Broccoli (2-3 hrs before)
Cottage cheese or yogurt, berries, melon, and banana if you need endurance (30-60mins before)
Homemade protein bars (30-60mins before)
Mocha shake, 1cup iced coffee, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein (or unflavored whey with 1T cocoa powder and sweetener) (0-30mins before/after)

During or Post-Workout Snack (within 45mins of strenuous exercise)
Protein and carbs 2:1 - 4:1 (Avoid fructose, fruit, and fat) Veggies too...

Protein powder pumpkin smoothie
baked chicken (no oil) and sweet potato
Egg whites and
Banana (occasionally, it's starchy, but still lots of fructose)
Chicken stir-fry with white rice and veggies
Hummus and whole grain pita
Whole grain bagel and almond butter (fat in almond butter is reasonably okay post workout)
Dried fruits and nuts
Tuna, mustard, lemon juice, and whole grain crackers
Salmon, mashed potatoes, and salad
Cereal and milk(and protein powder?)
Egg white scramble, omelet, quiche with spinach
Turkey sandwich
Fruit, milk, and protein powder smoothie
Fruit and yogurt
Chocolate milk and protein powder
Pancakes and eggs
Cottage cheese and fruit
Fruit Juice
Whole grain pizza, lean meats, and veggies