Cooking Recipes - Peach Sauces x3

Peach Sauces x3

Monday, August 12, 2024

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Peach sauces x3!

The sauces are savory-sweet, delicious,and versatile. Alan had them with eggs this morning. We had them for dinner over and in grilled sandwiches. These sauces would be great chip #dips or#salsas, and so much more! How did you use your peaches this year??

Pulse/blend briefly in a blender/bullet.

1) Peaches, onion, lemon thyme, lemon juice, salt, pepper.

2) Peaches, onion, coconut milk, mint, hot pepper, salt.

3) Peaches, onion, fennel and fronds, salt, pepper. Maybe the weakest of the three, but I think I just need to pair it better. Like with lamb and potatoes or maybe I'll make a fennel soup with it.