Cooking Recipes - Nevada's Perfect Pie Crust

Nevada's Perfect Pie Crust

Saturday, May 2, 2020

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Pie Crust

I always use these proportions:

-2 sticks of FROZEN butter
-2 cups of flour
-Chilled lemon water (1:2 lemon juice to water) - you can use white vinegar here, it doesn't affect the taste, but I just think lemon juice is nicer to work with

-I grate the butter with a cheese grater (this is a workout and the hardest part) into a chilled bowl, then mix with the flour, and using a fork blend it all together and break up any butter-chunks.
-Side note: it's important to keep everything cold, because when the flour gets wet&warm&mixed it starts to bind to itself, and that's what makes for a tough and chewy crust---no bueno.
-I don't have a set volume of lemon water to use, because I always eyeball it (because I've found most recipes don't use enough). Pour a little in, stir and mix with a fork, and repeat until you have a mixture that you can form into a ball (it will probably crack, but you just need enough water to hold it together). Avoid over-mixing! Over mixing causes it to get all tough andchewy.
-cut the ball in half, saran wrap each new ball, refrigerate for30 minutes (optional, but at least refrigerate the second half while you roll out the first)
Rolling out the crust I know you know how to do, but then I usually glaze the top with an egg white so that it's nice and glossy(sprinkle of sugar never hurts!:)