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Matt's Ragu

Sunday, September 20, 2020

All Day

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Matt’s Boil-down Pasta/Ragu (or, what Hillary calls “the reason why I date you.”)


½ lb. pancetta (or slightly less)

1 yellow onion

1 clove garlic


Anchovy Paste

Tomato Paste

One carton of Beef Broth

Crushed red pepper


Whipping Cream

Rigatoni or Penne

Fresh Basil


• In a wok (or large pot), sauté pancetta with a little olive oil until slightly brown. Remove

pancetta and place to the side, while keeping the oil in pan.

• Sauté diced onions in wok until translucent.

• Add Garlic

• Add anchovy paste (generously).

• Add Diced Mushrooms and fry together until mix is dry-ish

• Add wine (or Vodka, or something alcohol-ish) and sauté together for a bit.

• Now add Tomato paste, and stir in. Mix will become thick quickly, so add broth to dilute,

while stirring in paste.

• Add the rest of the broth and the crushed pepper (to make as spicy as youwant), and bring

to a boil. (It is also appropriate to add oregano or Italian green spices here)

• Turn down heat, retaining boil. Let broth reduce for approximately 45 min, stirring


• Toward the end, the broth thickens and the taste changes radically (approaching excellence).

When it is ready, add a cup of cream to thicken/orange-en even more (achieving excellence).

• In a separate pot boil pasta.

• When ready, mix pasta and sauce in wok, adding pancetta, basil, and maybe cheese or

chopped capers (if it needs to be saltier).