Cooking Recipes - Dee's Arroz con Pollo

Dee's Arroz con Pollo

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

All Day

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Arroz con Pollo


3 cups and 2 tablespoons uncooked Uncle Ben’s White Rice

6 cups broth

1 teaspoon annatto seeds

2 ½ ounces olive oil

4-5 pounds boneless chicken breasts


white onion



1 pound of frozen peas

2 large red bell peppers

2 large green bell peppers


Prepare Broth

Note: You can prepare broth and chicken the night before you plan to make the arroz con pollo. This way, the

chicken is cold and easy to pull apart.

In large pot, cook chicken in enough water to completely cover thechicken. It should yield 6 cups of broth for the

rice. Cook chicken broth for 1 ½ to 2 hours. Add salt to taste and one whole, large white onion. For flavor, you can

add celery and carrots.

Prepare Annatto

Notes: Handle the seeds with care. They can stain clothing. The annatto oil can be prepared ahead of time; it can

be frozen for a month.

In a very small pot (preferably smaller than 1 quart), put annatto seeds in olive oil. Cover pot with seeds and oil

and simmer at a very low flame for about 2 minutes. Check that oil has changed colors to an “orange-red”. If it

has, remove from flame and let it cool completely. Once cool, sift seeds from oil with a strainer. Discard seeds.

Reserve annatto oil.

Prepare Rice

Note: Do not wash or rinse rice. Do not add salt.

In a 3 quart pot, put 6 cups of chicken broth and ½ an ounce of annatto oil. Bring to boil. Add 3 cups and 2

tablespoons of uncooked andun-rinsed rice. Stir ONCE to mix oil and rice together (do not mix again until rice is

done). Set flame to medium-high until it boils. Lower flame and raise pot by using a spare stove rack. Allow water

to evaporate.

Prepare Peppers

Wash and dry peppers. Chop peppers into quarter size chunks or in slices, to your own preference. Fry with the

rest ofthe annatto oil (reserve 1/2 ounce for rice), add salt to taste. Once fried, you can place fried peppers on paper

towel to soak up excess oil.

Prepare Peas

Boil in water, drain, add salt to taste.

Arroz conPollo (you’ve finally made it!)

Once chicken has cooled down, using two forks or your fingers, shred chicken into one inch long pieces. In an 8-10

quart serving bowl, mix shredded chicken, rice, peas, and peppers.