Cooking Recipes - Cucumber Tomato Salad-e Shirazi

Cucumber Tomato Salad-e Shirazi

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Hossein's Salad-e Shirazi

5 persian/mini/seedless cucumbers(seedless cucumbers that shouldn't be bigger than about the length of yourhand)
1-3 tomatoes (depending on size)
1 small onion (I prefer red)
4+ table spoons of finely chopped fresh parsley (I've seen others use mint)
2-3 lemons
1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper

Dice cucumbers and tomatoes into pieces about 1/8 an inch. Dice onions. Chop parsley. Put into a bowl together. Squeeze lemons into bowl. Pour olive oil and applysalt & pepper. Mix. All ingredients are to taste, but the dish is supposed to be leaning towards heavy on the cucumbers. Starting mixing together from the beginning and get an idea if you want to add more or less of something. In my experience I've made it on Mondays and it has lasted until Fridayevening fine while in the fridge. Because its a relatively strong taste, you might like making a slightly large batch (not much bigger than this though) and consuming a bit of it throughout the week. Taste does get strongerthough as the week goes on.

Tell me how it goes :). Also I'm spending alot of time cooking this summer so if you want me to ask if I already knowany recipes involving different cuisines or ingredients, do it and if I don't already know something, I might try making it up!