Cooking Recipes - Coconut Butter (Manna)

Coconut Butter (Manna)

Monday, February 15, 2021

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Blend 3 cups shredded coconut in food processor for about 15 minutes for 1 cup nut butter.

Coconut butter dipped, then chocolate strawberries.
Over fruit.
Hand moisturizer
Coffee creamer
Mix coconut butter together with cashew butter and chocolate.
Add a spoonful or two to your smoothies for an extra healthy kick.
Mix it together with yogurt for breakfast.
Put coconut butter on a slice of bread with honey and make asandwich.
Slather it in your hair before you shampoo and leave it in for 5-10 minutes for a super luxurious pre-shampoo conditioner.
Mix a little water and coconut butter together and satay your Thai dish in it.
Blend it together with some cocoa powder and then add it to warm milk for an ultra-rich coconut hot chocolate.

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