Cooking Recipes - Cocoa Almond Bars

Cocoa Almond Bars

Sunday, January 17, 2021

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In a bender pulse 5-10 dates with 1/2 C of almond pulp until the dates are tiny pieces. Add 2 T honey, 1 square of unsweetened baker's chocolate melted with 1 T of coconut oil and mix until incorporated. Scrap into a bowl with another 1 C of almondpulp, 1-2 scoops of protein powder, 1/2 C (toasted) coconut flakes, 3 Tflax meal, 1/4 C cocoa nibs, 1/4 C goji berries, and 1/4 C raisins. Mixwell and form into balls or flatten and cut into squares. Freeze or refrigerate to help it harden to cut into bars. Wrap in plastic wrap or store in a mason jar.

Ingredients: Almond pulp, dates, honey, unsweetened chocolate, coconut oil, coconut flakes (sweetened), goji berries, raisins, cocoa nibs, flax meal, protein powder

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