Mother Lode Trails - American River (AR 50) Endurance Run

American River (AR 50) Endurance Run

Saturday, April 7, 2018

All Day

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Event Description

The American River 50 course has a single wave start, starting at 6:00 A.M. AR 25 starts at 7:00 am at Beals Point.
The course:
American River 50 Mile Endurance Run begins at beautiful Brown's Ravine Marina, at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
Runners will remain on single track trails to Folsom Point. At Folsom Point (Aid Station #1, mile 5).
The course then heads South on the American River Parkway past the historic Walker and Rainbow Bridges. Runners then turn right onto the Lake Natoma Crossing Bridge access path. After crossing Lake Natoma the course remains on the south side of Lake Natoma on the American River Parkway through Willow Creek (Aid Station #2, mile 13) and then to the Sacramento State University Aquatic Center. After the Aquatic Center, the course traverses across the Hazel Street Bridge, makes a shot climb to the River Access Road, then goes back down for a brief stint on the American River Bike Trail.
Just before mile 17, runners to the left onto a single track trail that takes them to Main Ave. and up to the Hazel Bluffs. Upon descending from the Hazel Bluffs, the course will follow single track trails until it re-connects with the American River Bike Trail at the Negro Bar Aid Station (Aid Station #3, mile 20). Runners then stay on the American River Bike Trail until Beal’s Point (Aid Station #4, mile 25). The American River 25 event, which starts at 7 A.M. will start at Beal's Point and follows precisely the second half of the AR50 course.

Upon leaving Beal's Point at mile 25, runners will enjoy single track trails and head north to the path worn by gold miners in search of riches: the Pioneer Express Trail that begins near the entrance of the Granite Bay State Park. Runners will cross the entrance road to the park and continue on the Pioneer Express Trail to the Granite Bay Horse Assembly area (Aid Station #5, mile 29.5). Stock up here! The distance to the next aid station is 8.5 miles.

After exiting the Horse Assembly, the route continues north toward Twin Rocks Rd. Just before reaching Twin Rocks Rd., the route will veer right and ascend on the Granite Bay Multi-Use Trail, a single track trail loop, for about 2.25 miles. The course rejoins the Pioneer Express Trail just above the Beek’s Bight parking lot and continues along the North Fork of the American River to Buzzards Cove, Horseshoe Bar (Aid Station #6, mile 38) and Rattlesnake Bar (Aid Station #7, mile 41). No, we aren't talking about stopping at local pubs, but rather passing by the sand bars where miners would pan gold from… so enjoy the aid stations! The route then continues along the river to the Power Plant, Avery's Pond and Dowdin's Post (Aid Station #8, Mile 44).

After leaving Dowdin's Post, the trail wends its way to the infamous "Dam Wall." Runners will take a deep breath before ascending the climb to the summit where they will be greeted by the "Party at Last Gasp" (Aid station #9, mile 47.5). The refreshing Popsicle Palace, motivational mile marker signs, cow bells and our energetic cheerleaders will boost your spirits as you tackle the last climb of your final 2.5 victory miles to the well-deserved finish celebration in Auburn.

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